The most important aspect to consider before in moving to Riga is where to get the daily allowance. This can only be solved by landing a job. But there are few things to consider first before you reach that dream job.

Employment and education level

The employment level is closely linked to the education level. Without fail the highest level of employment is among persons with a higher or upper secondary vocational education.


The proportion of jobseekers among the number of economically active inhabitants shows that persons with a higher education more easily find employment.  The highest proportion of jobseekers is among those persons without any formal education (46%), those with basic vocational (22.2%) and general (21.8%) education, but the lowest is among persons having completed higher education (7.2%).

Salary level and education level

Income provides a certain level of welfare, and this is closely linked with the level of education. In 1999 the average monthly gross wage as compared to 1995 has increased from 90 LVL to 141 LVL. The tendency for persons with a higher level of education to retain a higher salary has continued during this period.

A comparison of salary levels by gender shows that the higher the salary level, the lower the proportion of women among those employed, women as a whole have attained a higher level of education than men.

Qualifications and skills in demand on the labor market


Changes in the demand for qualifications can be seen when comparing the results of CBS Labour Force Surveys of various years.  The surveys classify qualifications according to the Major Groups found in the Classification of Occupations:

Group 1 – includes legislators, senior state officials, and managers

Group 2 – includes professionals

Group 3 – technicians and associate professionals

Group 4 – clerks

Group 5 – service workers and commercial workers

Group 6 – skilled agricultural and fishery workers

Group 7 – craft and related trades workers

Group 8 – plant and machine operators and assemblers

Group 9 – elementary occupations

These helpful tips and information will certainly give you a picture of what to expect about jobs in Riga. With this and tons of perseverance, it won’t be too long till you become an employee of Riga.