Riga is a friendly city for expats. Any expats from all over the world who have any plans in permanently living the city are definitely welcome. So if ever you have that desired to move in to another city, particularly in the Baltic region, then Riga is a perfect fit.

There are few legal matters you have to deal and comply first before becoming a legitimate resident of Riga, but don’t fret. Applying for a residence permit and citizenship won’t be that difficult. With proper and complete documents that will support your application, it won’t be long till you’d get approved.

After all the legalities, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the real estate in Riga. Luckily, the market of real estate in the city offers interesting opportunity. They’d give you the liberty to choose what fits your standard, whether be buying or renting.

Despite the fact the Riga is a large city in Latvia it is good to know that the cost of living in the city is relatively cheap. Prices of goods in the city are reasonable. Be careful though ‘because you might get fooled when it comes to bargaining, you might get ripped off instead of getting a good deal.

And of course, a decent job to help you get through from day to day would be essential. It is an advantage for those degree and vocational degree holder to land a job in Riga, but there are also other options for other qualifications in the labor market.

Whatever reason you may have in moving to Riga, you are surely more than welcome to do so.