The Riga International Airport (IRX) is situated 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) to the west of Riga city centre. Over 30 countries provide flights to the airport as it is the largest airport of the Baltic States and located in the capital of Latvia.


If you are flying to the airport from a destination within the Schengen agreement you will come in through Arrivals 1 in Terminal A whereas if you are flying from a country outside of the Schengen agreement you will come in through Arrivals 2 in Terminal C. With recent renovations and further construction underway the Riga International Airport (RIX) maintains a high standard of international facilities to facilitate a healthy number of international passengers that are passing through the airport on their way to many destinations throughout the Baltic region. Three major taxi companies operate from the airport with a trip to the city lasting approximately 15 minutes. Many international airlines schedule flights to Riga International Airport (RIX) daily.


The city is now firmly on the tourist map with Riga flights on a number of both budget carriers and full-fare airlines. Operating Riga flights now connects the Latvian capital with other major European cities.

For further inquiries on flying in Riga, you may contact their telephone numbers below


For airport information: tel. 720-7009; www.riga-airport.com

Aerosweet: Airport, tel. 720-7502. Flights to Kiev. www.aerosvit.com

Air Baltic: at the airport, tel. 720-7777; and at Elizabetes 85a; www.airbaltic.lv

Aeroflot: (B-4) Gertrudes 6, tel. 727-8774; www.aeroflot.ru.

Austrian Airlines: tel. 750-7700. www.austrianairlines.lv

British Airways: (G-2) Torna 4, tel. 732-6737; at the airport, tel. 720-7097; www.britishairways.com.

CSA (Czech Airlines): Airport, tel. 720-7636; www.czech-airlines.com

Easyjet: from Riga to Berlin. www.easyjet.com

Estonian Air: (H-3) Aspazijas 22, at Riga Hotel; tel. 721-4860; at the airport, tel. 720-7458. www.estonian-air.ee

Finnair: at the airport tel. 720-7010; Barona 36, tel. 724-3008. www.finnair.com

KLM: Airport, 3rd floor, tel. 766-8600.

Latcharter: Airport, tel. 720-7398; www.latcharter.com

LOT: Maza Pils 5, tel. 722-7234, and at the airport, tel. 720-7113. www.lot.com

Lufthansa: Airport, tel. 750-7711. www.lufthansa.com

Ryanair: flies from Riga airport; www.ryanair.com