There are plenty of ways and means in getting from point A to point B in the city dubbed as the Paris of the North. Bus, tram, and trolleybus are just some of the most known mode of transportation in Riga.

Below are some tips and reminders with regard to Riga transport:


Riga’s transit system is functional, comprehensive and simple to use. Public transport (bus, trolleybus, and tram) operates an electronic payment system, or e-ticket (e-talons). Every time, when entering a public transport vehicle, a passenger has to apply his/her e-ticket to the validator until the ticket’s validity period and the number of remaining trips are displayed on the validator screen, the green signal lights up and a short signal sounds. Validators are located inside public transport vehicles, next to every door. On the other hand, final destinations are marked on the front of all trams, trolleys and buses. In case of having no e-ticket, a passenger has to buy one-time ticket in public transport vehicle.


e-tickets are sold at press kiosks (Narvesen, Plus punkts, Preses apvienība, Latvia Post offices, booking offices of Pasažieru vilciens at Riga railway stations), public transport terminals, special ticket vending machines, customer service centers and other trade outlets marked as selling e-tickets.

In Riga public transport (except bus No. 22), it is forbidden to carry luggage with the total of sizes (length, height, width) exceeding 300 cm, as well as hand luggage with length exceeding 180 cm. Transportation of bicycles is also banned. The luggage transportation restrictions do not apply to technical auxiliary devices which ensure the movement of persons with functional disturbances, pregnant women, persons with little children and elderly persons, as well as one unit of sports equipment or a musical instrument, if technical capacities of the public transport vehicle allow it.

Always be reminded with these useful tips and information, and your mobility in Riga will be full with ease and comfort.