Language School

The main language spoken in Riga is Russian, and for a tourist whose mother tongue is another language, it’ll be undeniably difficult to learn the language. To address this language dilemma, a language school is needed.

Here are some of the courses and programs offered:

Courses / Programs:

General Russian (20 lessons per week)

The lessons include speaking (interaction with the teacher and group mates), reading, writing, and listening as well as specialized grammar tasks. This course is recommended for people who would like to combine their jobs or rest with education.


Intensive General Russian (30 lessons per week)

Intensive General Russian course is designed specifically, to improve your knowledge in fields like: pronunciation, grammar as well as correct business and formal letter design. You are more than welcome to choose the direction in which; you want to learn and improve your Russian language skills. This course is recommended for people, who would like to learn the Russian language and is very restricted with time.


Individual Russian Lessons (starting from 10 lessons per week)

Individual program with comfortable schedule for you, that focuses directly on your Russian language skills and needs. We will provide all working materials for your individual language practices. Moreover, this course includes intensive spoken language training.

If you want to learn the Russian language by the program which has been fully designed for you, this learning method is a great choice!


Business Russian Lessons (20 lessons per week)

This course is designed for people who are interested in learning the Russian business language and terminology.

Each lesson includes:

– warm-up activities; pronunciation training; revision of the acquired language material; extensive speaking training; listening; grammar presentation; introduction of new topics.

The variety of these lessons is exceptional. Ranging from intensive to business lessons, whichever best suits you, will definitely help hone those tongues in Russian language.