Learn Latvian

To learn more about the country, you must learn Latvian first. Learning Latvian is the first step in order to appreciate more the culture and the beauty of the city.

The Latvian language is one of two Baltic languages, the other being Lithuanian, that evolved from Indo-European. Latvian boasts a hearty 35 letters, 22 of which you will find in the English language and 13 of which look suspiciously familiar except for the curious dots and dashes floating above and below. Clever people refer to these ‘extras’ as diacritical marks, but no need to tax your self – just know that they affect the pronunciation of the letter in question.

Luckily, there are various language schools situated in Riga.


Russian language schools in Riga, Latvia

Russian courses in Riga take place in the very centre of the city, only separated from the picturesque old town by a park. The school itself has spacious classrooms, Internet-enabled computers, a wireless Internet connection, student lounge and even an inner courtyard where you can unwind after your Russian lessons.


Russian courses in Riga, Latvia

The school offers Russian tuition in same-level groups, on an individual basis and even with a combination of both group and Private Russian Lessons. Group-based Russian courses give you the chance to meet and interact with your fellow students, so you can practice your language skills with your peers.


Private Russian Lessons,

On the other hand, private lessons allow you to study whichever topics you want, at your own pace. You’ll make rapid progress, benefiting from the undivided attention of our school’s enthusiastic, experienced teachers.

You need not to go too far, Riga provides language schools for your Latvian learning needs.