If time is one your side, and if financial budget isn’t a problem at all, then a week of stay in Riga is the best choice. A longer stay in Riga only equates to more activities to be done, hence, more memorable moments.

Below is the list of activities you can partake in a week of gateway in Riga


Riga Stag Day Activities

Activities really do make a weekend something special. You can have monumental fun and they’re a good chance to get everybody in the group involved. Stray paintball pellets and outrageous overtaking maneuvers are topics of debate for years afterwards. All these activities are carefully chosen and researched for compliance to E. U. safety standards.


Riga Shooting Range

Always popular and never fails to create such a huge buzz and mass excitement – these are serious guns. There sure is something mysteriously satisfying about letting loose with real shooters and live ammunition. It takes place in a former KGB bunker constructed for communist party chiefs to hide in case of a nuclear attack. There’s a whole variety of guns to choose from such as pistols, pump-action shotguns, assorted semi-automatic and automatic rifles and the Soviet beast itself – the deadly accurate Kalashnikov assault rifle.


Riga GoKarting Indoor

The Riga gokarting track is 310 Meters long and an excellent indoor facility. All drivers’ karts are logged electronically and lap times and race performances are printed for your amusement at the end of each race. Tournaments are organized so that everyone participates in a qualifying session and a final.


Riga River Kayaking

Spend the afternoon on the river in the nice Gauja Valley national park. There’s plenty to see and do along the way as you’ll start in the forest and pass by waterfalls and rapids. Also, there’s plenty of wildlife to see like stags for instance. Time on the river is between 1 and 2 hours depending how fast you paddle.


Riga Hot Air Balloon Flight

Get a bird’s eye view of the Gauja Valley just outside Riga. The Valley is also known as ‘the Switzerland of Latvia’ and as well as the scenery the balloon will also fly over the town of Sigulda where you can see the many castles and historic buildings as well as the bobsleigh run and cable-car which links the two sides of the Gauja Valley gorge. Flights are either in the morning or evening and launch site is decided with regards to weather conditions to ensure the optimum scenic route is taken.

Your week getaway in Riga will never be the same with a little help from these extreme and thrilling activities.