A short stay in Riga is definitely not a hindrance to one’s fun and excitement. Even just for a day or two, you can still manage to have a decent fun-filled time with your family or your significant other. The main trick here is to win against the time and maximize the time you have in the city to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

For a short visit, like a weekend in Riga, you would need a more compact plan of activities and itineraries. Avoid activities that would consume more of your time, and visit tourist attractions that are located close to one another so as to avoid wasting transportation time. Not only you’ve save vacation time, but you’ve save money as well. On the other hand, if you are planning for a long weekend, then slowly savor the time on your hand and seize the moment of each day in the city. You may spent your first and second wandering around Riga’s main attractions then go pampering yourself on day 3rd.

Meanwhile, longer visits, like a week perhaps, are perfect as you can really take your time enjoying the city’s wonders. You can visit one place in Riga in one day and spend the whole day appreciating the marvelous beauty of it. Just be sure to bring your camera with you.

A day trip in Riga is best enjoyed with the presence of your loved ones. You can explore the city by buses and train or simply just by walking around the city’s street.

With a proper planning of itineraries, your vacation in Riga will definitely be a memorable one regardless of how long or short your stay is.