Latvian Cuisine

Latvian’s Cuisine offers simple yet delectable kind of food. It typically consists of agricultural products, with meat featuring in most main meal dishes. Since Latvia is situated on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, fish is also popular.

Latvian cuisine has been heavily influenced by German, Swedish, and Russian cuisine. Common ingredients in Latvian recipes are found locally, such as potatoes, wheat, barley, cabbage, onions, eggs and pork. Latvian food is generally quite fatty, and uses few spices. Grey peas and ham are generally considered the stereotypical staple foods of Latvians.

As a result, truly Latvian cooking:

Consists of very cheap, self-grown, ingredients (such as dried peas, and cheap cuts of meat, such as pork hocks or bacon) have few or no spices (as imported spices are expensive and normally only available in the major cities) is high in calories

Thus, a typical, truly Latvian, dish would be something like boiled black peas with small snippets of bacon. Therefore, the recipes you will see here are the more interesting examples of Latvian cuisine, as influenced by surrounding cultures.


Breakfast or Lunch

Jānis’ Cheese (great on bread for breakfast, but a must for celebrating Jāņi)

Cheese “Danishes” (Biezpien maizītes — easy to make and delicious)

Bacon Buns (Pīrāgi — the Latvian version of piroshky)

Water Pretzels (the Latvian version of bagels)

Jellied Meat (also known as galerts)


Dinner or Supper

Soups (a selection of mouth-watering soups)

Breaded Pork Chops (karbonāde – a pork chop prepared like wiener schnitzel)

Potato Salad (Latvian rasols)

Sausage Potato Salad (a different type of rasols – like a meal in itself)

Smorgasbord (what to serve for a fancy occasion)



Manna (a cold, creamy dessert)

Cranberry Sauce (what to serve over Manna)

Fruit Sauce (something between a jelly and a fruit soup. Great with ice cream)

Fruit Compote (same as the Fruit Sauce, but made with dried fruit, not fresh)

Cakes, Tortes, etc. (a selection of delectable baked goods)

Enjoy your gastronomical experience with these unique serves of menu of Latvian cuisine.