Riga offers plenty of clubs to keep you entertain from the wee hours of the night till dawn. Dance the night away with the beat and sounds of renowned clubs by their local and foreign DJs. But if you’re not in a dancing mood, music clubs that plays soothing alternative and head banging rock and roll is the club to stay.



Club “Pulse” has inherited the style and the atmosphere. The club usually plays alternative electronic music, sometimes live performances from local electronic musicians are being held, and they invite foreign DJs and musicians, too. This is the meeting place for Russian and Latvian underground youth. The design is relevant – brick walls with vinyl records on them, reddish lighting, steel tables, but atmosphere is very positive and relaxed.



It is a classical jazz club where people don’t play just for the sake of money, but for the gratification of playing as well. The public is respectively relatives, musicians’ friends and some foreigners. The club is located in Jana Seta in the second floor above Orange Bar. It is one of the rare night clubs where something is happening on Mondays.



“Saxophone” had been serving as first showing place for lots of rock and punk bands. Recently, there was reconstruction made, but the main part of audience still the same Russian rock and punk people, local and invited bands and their fans. Atmosphere in the club is as informal as in student hostel. Sometimes rock music festivals are being held. Live music starts from 9 -10 PM.


Austrumu Robeza

They perform music and drama shows here, the club likes to experiment with classic plays and especially famous soviet writer Harms. The premises of the club are quite small, so in case you would like to see one of the performances get acquainted with the program and book the table beforehand.

Band performances and techno beats dish out by DJs will give an extra spank in your exciting night stay in Riga.