After a long and busy day of touring, culminate the day with a glass or two of your cocktail of choice inside of the cozy ambience of some of the well-known Riga bars.

Here are some of bars in Riga you can unwind in:


Atslēga [Key]

The Key is a cozy bar with maroon walls, a black and white photo collage and Dynamo Riga hockey memorabilia that serves a wide variety of Latvian and international food from wraps, sandwiches and burgers to pork chops and burritos. Aldaris beer and Kiss cider are available on draught, but you can also order Franziskaner and local Užavas brews in bottles, not to mention plenty of cocktails. In the summer this small pub doubles its size with a lively outdoor terrace on picturesque Skārņu iela.


Andalūzijas Suns

A long-time favourite of expats and locals alike, The Dog’s dark red interior has been the backdrop for many a weekend reverie over the years, but lately one has to wonder if it isn’t time to give Old Yeller a rest. The service is painfully slow, the prices for food and drink seem to be a bit steep and the music is loud and outdated. We like Dolly Parton as much as the next guy, but does her folksy voice belong in a supposedly hip and trendy bar?


Cinema Bar

Although it does have a red carpet that’s already soaked up plenty of illegal cigarette smoke, most movie stars wouldn’t be caught dead here unless they were researching a part or trying to boost their street cred. On the other hand, the big screen on the far wall and the cheap local beer for as low as 0.70Ls/mug does attract an under 25 crowd that doesn’t seem to mind that the place looks a bit like a 1970s porno cinema. Perhaps therein lies the charm.

Open 11:00 – 24:00, Fri, Sat 24hrs.


Krogs Aptieka [Pharmacy Bar]

After presiding over a staple of the Washington DC nightlife scene for several years, American-Latvian Kristaps Krēsliņš has opened yet another Pharmacy Bar, but this time in the Latvian capital. Medieval brick walls, medicinal tinctures and scales, tables embedded with capsules and pills and painted silhouettes of old-fashioned bottles on two floors are a clever combination of old and new and the perfect backdrop for a night of cocktails and beers. The bar also provides a smoking courtyard, summer terrace and a free CD jukebox that offers anything from Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones to the Sex Pistols and Metallica.

Cozy ambience and atmosphere plus glasses of beer and liquor will complete the day in your stay in Riga with those bars.