Riga is no doubt a fun place to be in, but it is a lot merrier by night time. With the city’s countless places and top of the line music clubs, night clubs, and disco bars, your nights in Riga will definitely be an exciting one.

Here are some tips and ways to enjoy the night in Riga.

Riga nightlife starts around 8-9 PM when people begin to gather in restaurants and cocktail bars. Night clubs open around 10-11 pm. Generally, ladies fill the nightclubs first as there is often no entrance fee or discounted fees for women until midnight. It is after midnight where the real party starts.


Entrance fee in most popular clubs usually start at 5 Ls, and 7-10 Lats in striptease clubs. After you pay the entrance fee, you will receive a visible or invisible neon stamp on your hand, so you can leave and have fun elsewhere, and return without having to pay again.

For your money, the Orange Bar is worth a look in, whilst PuPu can be great fun on the right night and the popular Skyline Bar in the Central District is rarely less than heaving. Meanwhile, Martini on the main strip of Kalku iela boasts gogo dancers wiggling their bodies on the bar.


Of course no nightlife connoisseur will want to leave Riga without first having sampled some of the clubs. There’s a decent number and range Riga offers. If you are something of a club snob then Nautilus is probably the best bet for you. There are the inevitable posers and hangers-on but underlying is a core of funky youngsters who actually know the difference between house and techno, adding some much-appreciated authenticity to a night out here. Meanwhile Club Essential is a bit bigger and cheesier, but well worth a visit, especially if they’ve booked a big name DJ.

If conventional nightlife holds much appeal to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that Riga also has a scattering of hip alternative venues. Kick back and relax at the I Love You cafe or John Lemon bar, amongst fellow bohemians, before jumping up and down in a deranged fashion at the legendary Depo club. Mayhem guaranteed.

But if you don’t want to go clubbing, just take a leisure walk around Old Riga. On warm nights, the streets are as crowded as during the day and all the outdoor cafes in Dome square are full.

With handful of bars and clubs to choose from along with good vibes that goes along with it, your nightlife in Riga will be a memorable one.