Riga owns a very rich culture. And one of the ways to preserve their culture, as well as the artifacts and other ancient items that go with it, is a place where it can be keep-safe. There are no other place to safeguard such items and the culture than a museum.

Here are some of the well-known museums in Riga:


Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation

Palasta St., 4

Now it is considered to be one of the oldest museums in Europe. The museum is located within the walls of the Dom ensemble, which is the architectural monument dating back to the 13th century. The exhibitions of the museum reflect the history of Riga from ancient times to this very day. In the first halls of the museum you’ll find original objects made by ancient inhabitants of Latvia. These articles include flint tools, arms, coins, adornments and much more.

State Museum of Art

Kr. Valdemara St., 10a, Torna St., 1

The collection of the State Museum of Art comprises 32,000 items making it the widest and most significant collections of visual art in the country. Latvian Art Collection is the biggest in the world. It reflects the development of painting, drawing and sculpture in Latvia from the middle of the 18 century till nowadays. The real gems of the museum’s collection are works by different Latvian classical artist.


Latvian Museum of Photography

Marstalu St., 8

The collection of the museum numbers to 10,000 exhibits and contains transparencies, negatives, photographic equipment, documents and books. The collection of images reflects the life of the country in its variety: political and cultural impotent events in the history of Latvia, everyday life of common people, towns and villages. All these can help you to see the country from the unusual point of view.


Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Brivibas St., 440

In a pipe forest, by the lake Jugla, there is the oldest in Europe Open Air Museum. The museum is an island of Latvian folk art, where the ancient way of life is carefully recreated and preserved for posterities. More than ninety authentic houses, farmsteads, windmills, wooden churches, fishermen’s villages and other historic structures have been brought here from different regions of Latvia and represent the life of craftspeople, peasants and fishermen in the 16-20 centuries.


Riga Porcelain Museum

Kaleju St., 9/11

The only museum of porcelain in the Baltic countries is situated in Riga. A vast collection of Riga porcelain (more than 6,000 exhibits) embraces the period from the beginning of the 19th century to this very day. The basis of the collection forms the porcelain from famous Kuznetzov’s factory that was opened in Riga in 1814. Exhibitions of the museum include exquisite luxurious china sets as well as inexpensive crockery.

See the history of Riga through these widely familiar and exquisite architectural designed museums in the city.