What Not To Miss In Riga (Latvia)

If you are tired of the usual tours that your travel agent is booking; why not explore and expand your choices. If you are done travelling to the usual cities and places in Europe; why not head to places like Latvia. Latvia? Where on earth is Latvia? Funny you should ask about Latvia. If you landed on this page after you have Googled Latvia; you are in luck. This page will tell you more or less things about Latvia and the many wonderful things that you can find or do in this wonderful city.

If you still haven’t tried to find Latvia on a map, let this article give you a taste of what is in store for the traveler when you visit this wonderful country.

Riga is the capital of Latvia. Its centerpiece is the St. Peter’s Basilica. You can see the beautiful cityscape on top of the basilica. Feel the grandeur and the quaintness of Old Latvia amid the background of the facets of the 21st century. The city has a rich collection of Art Nouveau buildings as the people of Latvia have preserved most of them as part of their heritage and culture.

Daugava River connects the two Riga banks with a bridge that was constructed in 1872. It was reconstructed after the war. The Railway Bridge is one of the bridges that keeps the memory of the horrors of war and why peace should be never be compromised. Another bridge worth seeing in Riga is the Shroud Bridge. This bridge was completed during the Communist regime. It was completed in 1981 and one of the bridges that connect the two banks of the Dauvaga. It is best to observe the bridge at night with its solid steel construction.

You can also sample the rich architectural heritage of the city through a cruise along Daugava River. Take the river boat cruise along the riverbanks to witness the various architectural, artistic and cultural heritage of Riga. You can see the beauty of the Old City through the cruise as you take photos for posterity. It is best to do the cruise during summer since the river is generally frozen during the winter. The ice is so thick during winter that locals would drill holes to do some ice fishing.

It is highly recommended to have a guided tour of the city to make most of the things that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Riga. Another favorite Latvian tourist spot is the Open Air Ethnographical Museum. Check for the hours of operations of local museums which are usually closed either on Mondays or Tuesdays. It is located at the outskirts of the city through a pine forest about forty minutes by bus. You can see how Latvians lived in the olden days; with their primitive farming implements and techniques. Try Latvian cuisine while you are at the museum as there are gastronomic delights that await you there.

Now that you have learned more about Latvia, it is time to witness it on your own. Visit Latvia for that wonderful surprise and unique experience.